Eco-Friendly Date Ideas


Date night has come around, and you’re tired of the same old dinner dates or Netflix marathons. Looking for interesting new ways to spend some time with your significant other?

Even dates can be environmentally friendly, get creative and have a positive impact while having some fun.

Here’s a round up of alternative date options for you and your partner.

Antique and second-hand shopping
If you’re both a fan of a little retail therapy, why not take a day out to scout through your local second-hand shops. There are plenty of options with charity, up-cycle and vintage/antique shops.

A couple of hot-spot havens include Otley and Headingley – both filled to the brim with charity and antique shops alike!

Biking/skating in the park
Getting out into nature is a nice, easy way to spend some time with your other-half. Take yourselves back to the carefree ways of your childhood and explore your local parks and outdoors spaces. You can do this by walking, but to snap it up a notch for the date-vibes, take your bikes or roller-skates.

Some amazing (and fairly flat) areas to do this around Leeds are Roundhay Park, Kirkstall Abbey and Yeadon Tarn!

Eat vegan!
Whether you’re actually vegan or not, there are plenty of lovely cafes and restaurants around the city offering vegan options. Opting for a meat-free meal is one way to add a little help in being eco-friendly.

Take a class together
If you’d like to be a little more creative and hands-on for a date, try booking into a class together! There are plenty of options here from dancing to soap-making and even way’s to up-cycle with woodworking.

You can find a whole host of creative classes on Leeds Inspired.

Go camping
There is no better way to connect with nature than to spend a night or two outdoors. Dig out your cosy blankets, head to a camping sight and set up under the stars.

A small selection of nearby farmers markets, most taking place on the same day once a month.

Visit a farmers market

Spend a morning perusing through the local organic produce at your neighbourhood farmers market. There’s lots of sights, smells and tastes to explore.

If you manage to pick up a couple of bits, you could even spend the afternoon cooking up lunch together.


Support an animal sanctuary together
For something a little less every-day, you could try booking a day to visit one of your local animal sanctuaries or charities. There are plenty of rescues around and most of them are open to visits or a friendly helping hand. It can be equally a date as well as an educational experience for you both.

A couple located around Leeds are; the Yorkshire Wildlife Park which is home to many endangered or vulnerable species, Hope Pastures which is a local donkey sanctuary or The Wildlife Haven which is a rescue and rehabilitation centre in North Yorkshire!


Have you got any other alternative date ideas? We’d love to know in the comments below!

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