Leeds Bookshops’ Top 6 Eco-Books for Children

World Book Day is here! Meaning it’s time to delve into those shelves and find a new story to capture your hearts for a little while. While books are there to be entertaining and imaginative, they can often be educational and inspiring, too.

Here is a list of eco and earth friendly books for children, as recommended by our local book sellers of Leeds:

(Recommended by Waterstones, Leeds)

Dinosaurs and All That Rubbish: by Michael Foreman
A fun, colourful illustration to showcase themes of pollution and the importance of being friendly to our planet. Although it was published in the 1970’s, the messages in this book are still equally relevant today and easily introduced to children through the use of quirky dinosaur characters!

The Lorax: by Dr Seuss
A story for both children and adults alike, Dr Seuss speaks through his character The Lorax to bring us the story of the progression of our environment through chopping down trees. A great tale of nature in a very poetic, musical way.


(Recommended by The Little Bookshop, Leeds)

Tidy: by Emily Gravett
In a book about an overly tidy badger, Emily has written this interactive story of our behaviours and their rippling effect on our environment. A very whimsical story in a hand-illustrated design, mixed with some lighthearted humour for all readers.


Notes for Living on Planet Earth: by Oliver Jeffers
With the birth of his first child, Oliver Jeffers curated and released this beautiful picture book to give his own personal account of how he sees the Earth and how he’d like his son to envision it, too. Themes throughout the book relate to kindness, living together and appreciating our planet.


(Recommended by Philip Howard Books, Leeds)

Backyard Explorer: by Lonely Planet
To encourage an active interest in the outside world, this journal would make a great gift to any child. Filled with pages of prompts, places to sketch and write and the opportunity to glue things in – there are lists of things to see, do and ultimately explore.


Rainforests in 30 seconds: by Dr Jen Green
For a quick educational book, Jen Green has written this book to explain 30 individual topics in just 30 seconds. There are currently several other editions including the Weather in 30 seconds and the Ocean in 30 seconds, too. Each book includes fascinating facts, mini missions and informative artwork.



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