MOG’s Leeds Goes Vegan

A Leeds cafe has vowed to completely revamp their menu, opting out of any meat, dairy or other animal products to be 100% vegan.

MOG’s, an independent cafe in Kirkstall, is a (dog friendly!) junk food haven. Having opened in January 2017, the cafe racked up an abundance of reviews on Facebook and Justeat with it’s menu of hearty burgers and shakes.

“Just been to Mogs cafe in Kirkstall. Plenty of vegan food to choose from and the staff are really friendly.” – A review from Facebook group, Leeds Vegans & Vegetarians.

Previous to now, the cafe had already been serving meat-free dishes, stating that it was “all inclusive”, with everything on the menu available both with and without meat. This included having separate cooking spaces.

Having made the change herself to veganism, Mog has said that she has proven to herself how easy it is to make great vegan food (including delicious junk food) and is therefore following suit with her cafe.

“When I bought the Cafe I was an omni, I’m not any more and I don’t feel comfortable contributing to that industry so we are going totally vegan.”

As of today (Tuesday 27th Feb), MOGs is taking the leap into a fully vegan menu. Open from 12noon – 9pm at their cafe in Kirkstall, with delivery available through Just Eat.

“Seitan fried chicken dinners, milkshakes, dirty fries, donut burgers and all that good good without any cruelty whatsoever. Go vegan, we have 

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