Leeds Beckett students install towers of rubbish on Hyde Park

Working in unison with Leeds City Council, a group of Leeds Beckett students have been working since October to create a large-scale art installation to inspire recycling change in the student areas of Leeds.

The artwork is made up of 5 large towers, the highest reaching seven metres high, each containing recyclable waste found in the household.

I spoke to Natalie Edwards, a final year Graphic Arts and Design student who was involved with the project, “We were asked to choose a live brief to take part in for the third year and this recycling project was one of the options. I chose it because I am passionate about recycling and everything it stands for and helps and I know that my fellow students picked it for the same reasons. 

The brief was to work with Leeds City Council to create something that would promote recycling and encourage people to opt-in to recycle with the council.

The artwork is made up of 5 large towers, the highest reaching seven metres high, each containing recyclable waste found in the household.

Due to some issues with recycling in Leeds, whereby too many people were using their green bins for general waste instead of for recycling, a new scheme has been set up throughout Headingley and Harehills.

The scheme involves householders having to opt-in if they’d like to keep a hold of their green bins, otherwise they’d be removed.

As a team we worked together to design how the installation would be and how the printed campaign would look. 

We came up with the idea of columns made up of litter with bins on the top of each that would spell ‘opt in’. We worked with Tony Sidebottom from Collective Print who helped us make the installation a reality. He helped us overcome structural issues and helped us physically build it and he also did our printing for us.”

The group of students also found support from Cllr Al Garthwaite and Nick Lawrence from Leeds City Council. HESCO Group also offered a helping hand by providing the Gabions to be filled with the litter.

“We have been planning and organising this installation for over four months and overall it took a week for us to get everything built and in place and I can speak on behalf of everyone who was involved that we are very happy with the installation and overwhelmed with all the support and recognition we have received”, Natalie continued.

“Overall we hope this will encourage people to opt in to recycling as we want to try and make a difference with the impact that this installation might have. We want to have a greener Leeds!”

The installation officially launched on the 24th February 2018, being opened by MP for North West Leeds, Alex Sobel. It can be found opposite Hyde Park itself on Woodhouse Moor.

For more information on how to opt-in or on the details of recycling in your area, please visit the Leeds Gov website.

Students involved in the campaign; Natalie Edwards, Rosie Blyth, Georgia Williams, Nasos Raptis, Natalie Baines, Danielle Boyle, Terence Lay, Lewis Latham, Shaun Mcmuldroch, and Seb Bailey.


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