Ecosia: The Earth-friendly Search Engine

Every day, we spend hours online – flicking through our phones, tablets and laptops. Those quick searches for a recipe, browsing that photo inspiration for your current project or to find that local independent cafe to grab some lunch at.

With the likes of internet giant Google, followed by Bing, Yahoo and even Amazon, we really are spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a search engine to run our web-browsing through. Some of us may opt for the likes of DuckDuckGo, growing in popularity through it’s ethos of allowing it’s users privacy (not tracking what people are searching for).

But, if you’re like us and you’re eco-minded, you might like your searches to go towards something sustainable for our planet. And that’s where Ecosia comes in!

Ecosia is the search engine that plants trees with its ad revenue.

Christian Kroll, originally from Wittenberg in Germany, founded after a trip around the world helped him understand the problems of deforestation. Having previously studied business administration, then realising that he wanted to engage in forest preservation and social action, Christian came up with the idea Ecosia and the tree-planting search engine was born in December of 2009.

Ecosia is the new, planet-loving alternative to Google.

It works through generating funds through their ad revenue. With each search, the ad-clicks build income for Ecosia and around 80% of that money is then put forward for various projects across the globe.

Since launching, the search engine has tallied up over 7 million users. (That’s more than the whole population of Yorkshire!) Upon funding its one-millionth tree, Ecosia announced its mission to plant 1 billion trees by 2020.

“We know that trust has to be earned. That is why we publish our monthly financial reports and tree planting receipts. This way you can keep us accountable as we follow our journey to a reforested world.”

The group currently have projects in Tanzania, Brazil, Madagascar and Indonesia – which you can read more about here!

As well as having a browser extension for PC/laptops, Ecosia is now available as an app on mobile devices, too. With the exact same features, you can continue to support their efforts while on the go.

Find out more about Ecosia or how you can join by visiting their website here.


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